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Employee Management

Monitor your employee workstations and internet usage

Everything your employees do online matters. Time spent on frivolous websites is a serious productivity killer, and visiting questionable websites on company PCs may subject your business to legal risks and expose your corporate data and network to cyber criminals. In short, it’s becoming more important than ever to monitor your staff’s internet usage in the workplace.

VoltKix’s Employee Management solutions allow you to check your employees’ internet usage to secure sensitive company information and prevent cyber threats. We also have the ability to record their monitor for playback when necessary. We enhance productivity for your teams by helping them stay focused on their work rather than get distracted with other non-work related activities.

Our solutions monitor your employees’ internet usage, key strokes, and record their monitor to help your business achieve its targets and meet deadlines. The end result is a more productive workforce and more cost savings for your business, as well as keeping it secure.

Employee Management solutions from VoltKix include:

  • Keyboard monitoring
  • Content filtering
  • Detailed employee internet usage reports
  • Video record employee workstations for playback

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