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Endpoint Protection

Safeguard your data and end users without disrupting productivity

As a business owner, IT security should be your top priority. After all, failing to address your network's vulnerabilities can bring your company down. That’s why layering protection into your current infrastructure is becoming more and more important every day -- and it pays to employ endpoint security strategies like the ones we offer at VoltKix.

Endpoint Protection from VoltKix provides comprehensive protection that will ensure your critical business data and network are safeguarded from malware and hacker attacks. Our solution uses a combination of technologies, including firewall, intrusion detection system, file encryption, antivirus, anti spyware, and monitoring tools.

We take a proactive approach to protecting your organization’s virtual assets by stopping potential threats before they affect your network and data.

Benefits of VoltKix’s Endpoint Protection include:

  • Advanced offline threat protection
  • Zero disturbance to your infrastructure and applications
  • Privacy shield and browser identity features
  • Cloud-predictive malware protection
  • Complete user agent policy controls and protection
  • User-friendly, web-based management console

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