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Enterprise Application Development

We’re experts in unifying applications and legacy systems across your enterprise

Companies tend to buy a wide variety of software to meet their needs. Although these solutions work great for an individual computer or team, they can create a conflict among users. Enterprise Application Integration from VoltKix bridges the gap between different applications in your IT infrastructure.

We integrate legacy applications, hardware, and business processes to eliminate redundant information and the need to perform cumbersome manual system updates. Our consultants provide state-of-the-art integration solutions using highly scalable cloud and virtual servers, next-generation frameworks, and proven methodologies so your system is readily adaptable for future requirements.

Our integration solutions have been instrumental for businesses to optimize workflow, reduce costs, and deliver better customer service.

VoltKix’s Enterprise Application Integration services provide:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Integration consulting and planning
  • Infrastructure design and optimization
  • Business process management
  • Data validation and performance testing

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