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HIPAA Consulting & Financial Protection

We simplify HIPAA regulations and provide $100,000 in protection against HIPAA fines

Keeping patient records secure and private is the primary concern of every hospital and healthcare provider, but they are often overwhelmed with the sheer amount of patient records and the lack of adequate storage space. In addition, when storing patient information it is important to stay HIPAA compliant, as the fines for not doing so are expensive.

VoltKix offers online storage, file encryption, authentication, and password protection in order to secure your patients’ sensitive information. We also provide backup services in case of a virus attack, flood, fire, or other natural disasters. Our highly-experienced team of consultants will make sure that you are 100% compliant with all the rules and regulations enforced by HIPAA.

Our services allow you to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations, prevent data breaches, and avoid costly fines. In addition, we provide you with $100,000 in financial protection against HIPAA fines.

We deliver high-quality consulting services in the following areas:

  • HIPAA security risk assessment
  • HIPAA privacy audit
  • HIPAA compliance assessment
  • Data security and penetration testing
  • Server and network analysis
  • Employee training

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