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Network Security

Don’t compromise your business with an unsecure network

Your company relies heavily on efficient network systems to run daily operations and conduct business with clients, suppliers, and partners. But are you aware of the cyber security threats out there that could compromise your system? A single breach could bring your entire network down.

VoltKix’s cutting-edge security solutions protect your networks against downtime-inducing cyber threats for an affordable monthly fee. We offer a complimentary security assessment to analyze your current network environment, identify potential threats, and take preventive measures to keep your network safe.

We utilize the latest technology to safeguard your networks from ever-evolving security threats. Enjoy enhanced functionality and security with an all-inclusive price.

Network security solutions from VoltKix include:

  • Security assessment - We offer comprehensive testing to ensure your computers and servers are secure and capable of supporting your growing business needs.
  • Antivirus software - Our managed antivirus solutions detect and eliminate malicious programs before they wreak havoc on your network.
  • Firewall protection - Our firewalls offer advanced security capabilities, including an integrated intrusion prevention system and content filtering to block unauthorized access.
  • Constant updates - We’ll patch and update security software to make sure your network protection is always up-to-date.

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