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SaaS Migration

Changing SaaS provider shouldn't be difficult...we can help facilitate the move

Do your employees demand greater performance, rapid scalability and higher availability from your business applications? SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications have become popular among enterprises due to its cost savings, flexibility, and ease of use. Unlike the conventional desktop-based solutions, SaaS apps don’t require a licence, as it’s based on monthly subscription plans.

VoltKix’s SaaS Migration services allow you to utilize powerful, cloud-based apps that are being used by world-class enterprises so that the move from one SaaS provider to another will be smooth and easy.

VoltKix’s robust SaaS migration tools will help you move from one SaaS provider to another in no time at all, and with no errors or omissions. We will also stick around to help you learn how to use your new service provider until you're comfortable to use it on your own.

Our SaaS Migration services provide:

  • Complete automation, no manual data entry by you or your staff
  • Training on your new SaaS provider
  • Customized requests

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